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Jonathan Pinx comes from a long line of family law defense attorneys and grew up around the culture of the law. He understands every client has rights and has the experience and knowledge to fight for those rights. Regardless of the crime, you have been accused of, you have the right to a fair hearing and deserve the best possible defense available. In the areas of the law, Jonathan Pinx can provide that defense with a law firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Honesty is always the best policy at the law office and while he expects you to be honest with the law firm, Pinx will be honest with you. At the law firm of Jon Pinx, you will always be treated with respect and fairness. The strongest cases are won when a lawyer and their client have a full understanding of the case and what exactly transpired. 

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The Criminal Code of Canada contains the federal laws governing criminal litigation across the country. Assault, drug trafficking, theft, and weapons charges are all laid out in the code. Our legal team will provide you with professional advice and guide you through the laws and represent you in the courts.

We provide opinion and help you build a criminal defence in the face of criminal charges. 

Are you looking for a legal opinion on a matter? We provide legal consultations and professional legal advice for appeals, bail hearings, and youth charges. The initial consultation is free and we can determine the best plan for you and your unique circumstances.

Driving in Canada, as with anywhere, is not a right – it is a privilege; with that privilege come certain rules that you agree to abide by. If you stray from the rules of the road, the penalties can range from minor to significant, depending on which laws you break. We can represent you in court and save you time while protecting your driving record from expensive demerits and/or suspension.

Being charged with a DUI can come with some significant penalties and hardships. If you have been arrested for a DUI, a seasoned criminal defense attorney can help navigate the waters of the legal system.

Career and travel implications are significant so be sure to contact us for a consultation.


If you’ve been accused of a crime, you have the right to a fair hearing or trial, and the right to have a competent and professional attorney on your side. These rights are fundamental to everything that we do.

Our firm focuses on criminal defence representation in Winnipeg and Brandon, MB.

Criminal Defense Lawyers, we have served hundreds of clients and advised them through their legal challenges. Trying to navigate the intricacies of the Canadian criminal justice system is not something that you should undertake alone. Let us help you establish your legal defense.

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” They routinely represent people accused of serious drug crimes and have racked up many legal victories by raising charter violations against their clients.”

“… believed the victims in this case were the local dealers of such substances in the community and his intention was to scare them so they would stop dealing,” Pinx said.

The accused was found with about four ounces of cocaine, but the man’s lawyer, Jonathan Pinx, says the case isn’t about the results police get — it’s about the steps they need to take to prevent wrongful arrests.

“It’s not about this one individual,” Pinx said during an interview on Wednesday. “It’s about protecting every citizen and everyone’s rights as protected by the Charter.”

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Legal Services in Winnipeg

Sexual Assault

Having a sexual assault lawyer is the best way for someone accused of these crimes to navigate what is soon to follow. Experience and skill play a major role in these cases and the right attorney can make the difference.

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Assault Lawyer

Having an assault charge on a criminal record will affect the way they live for the rest of their life. Suddenly things like finding a job, renting an apartment, starting a business, or even dating, can become an issue.

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A Bail Hearing & Bail Review

A bail hearing is held to determine whether or not the court will grant a defendant bail. A bail review is a hearing to determine whether or not bail should be afforded to a defendant who has already had it denied by the bail court.

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Traffic Lawyer

If a person is convicted of a driving offense, they can not only have their license suspended, but they can lose it altogether. An experienced driving offence lawyer can provide a strong defense against any motoring conviction laid against a driver.

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Protection & No-Contact Orders

Protection and no-contact orders, more commonly known as restraining orders, are tools a person can use to prevent or limit distance and/or contact between them and a hostile party.

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Robbery / Arson / Firearms

All robberies in the province come with a mandatory sentence of four years in prison but can yield more time depending on the severity. If a person is murdered in the process of a robbery, the maximum sentence is life in prison.

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Talk to Jonathan Pinx to explore your options. You have rights, and we have experience protecting your freedoms.